How it works

How it works

In general, a NoMoreBugs system is comprised of a reservoir, a pump, a controller, tubing, fittings and specialized spray nozzles. The reservoir is used to hold a dilute solution of biological, yet highly effective insecticide.

It is based on decades of proven methods. The misting system is designed to deliver a fine mist of natural mosquito control on a timer that sends a trigger to activate the system, sending the solution through a distribution line to the nozzles.  Small spray nozzles are mounted around the perimeter of your home or balcony.

The spray nozzles are discreetly placed and angled to maximise distribution of the control product which is pyrethrum and rosemary based. Therefore safe for children and your beloved pets.

The misting system is fully automated for typically twice a day, at dawn and dusk, for a duration of 30-60 seconds each time.


Schedule a free estimate and we do the rest!

We come to your property and our engineers go to work planning your custom design to fit your specific property. Keeping the mosquitos and flies as other insects out of the areas you and your family enjoy living in. Also providing an effective perimeter to keep the mosquitos at bay, such as patios swimming pools and gazebos .


All our system components have been chosen because they are field proven to be the most reliable season after season .

Beyond providing initial installation we take pride in maintaining and refilling your tank as needed to ensure you never relapse in coverage .

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Effective?

The physical equipment is very effective at spraying a fine mist across your garden, patio, yard, etc. The real question is, do they kill mosquitoes?

Yes – if you use the correct pesticide in the misters.

The EPA has published a list of botanical oils that are considered safe in mosquito misters, but pyrethrums are also safe to use in them. Pyrethrum is an extract from chrysanthemum flowers and their relatives. In its purified form it is called pyrethrins.